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Our Farms

Established over 60 years ago, J&D Whelan ltd was founded by Grandad Jack.

Top quality meat and service meant the family business quickly gained a reputable name with its loyal customers.

With 7 shops around the Pendle region it was time for young Nigel to take the reigns of the business. Having grown up in the family’s first shop, Nigel is a Butcher to the bone!

However with customer preference changing towards supermarkets J&D Whelan began to focus on catering, supplying many top restaurants around West Lancashire and North Yorkshire.

Today, the family business is taking on a new challenge. Lovemeat.co.uk offers a modern approach to buying meat from your local online butcher….

We believe in the best. That’s why we only source our meat from the best farms in the UK. However when we get the opportunity to get our hands on some gorgeous Argentinian Beef, we are not going to say no...... At LoveMeat our goal is to source the finest free range produce and deliver it to our customers at the right price. Not inflated beyond belief with a fancy finest sticker slapped on it! 

All our produce is freshly cut by our master Butchers once your order is received. Our Butchers use a method commonly called 'Seam Butchery' to prepare your order. Ultimately resulting in a finer cut for you, the customer. Not only that, but it also produces less waste too!

If you want to speak to one of our Butchers, ask a question, or even get some advice on how big your joint needs to be to feed the family, dont hesitate to get in touch. You can call us direct, or drop us an email if you fancy! Just head on over to the 'contact us' page for the details.











LoveMeat is the most convenient way to order great meat online. We have strong beliefs in sourcing only the finest meat from around the world.

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