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Posted by in Recipes on Oct 17, 2013 .

So, what do you need? Well to feed two hungry people I used;

3 x Duck Breast

Chinese Five Spice powder

1 x red onion chopped

1 x green apple chopped

1 x fat garlic clove chopped

1 tbsp fresh root ginger chopped/grated

100ml red wine vinegar

2.5 tbsp light...

Posted by in on Aug 22, 2013 .

If, like us, you spend a lot of time exercising and working you will understand just how hard it can be to find time to cook a proper meal! Resorting to protein shakes and other substitute products is expensive and if we are honest, not even remotely comparable to a natural diet....


Posted by in on Aug 07, 2013 .

So here we have it, what we have all been waiting for! A 100% grass fed animal based protein bar designed as nature intended. These snacks are as pure as you like, and aint gonna fill you with ingredients that sound like they came straight out of a star trek set! Paleo friendly, gluten...

Posted by in on Aug 05, 2013 .



The LoveMeat office has been stirred with a kind of crazed excitement…. We stumbled across ‘Fifty Shades of Bacon’ today! Now we love Bacon, well were LoveMeat so that figures, but, we LOVE Bacon. With chapters including “Afternoon Delight," "Multiple Orgasms," and...

Posted by in Recipes on Jul 11, 2013 .

The first post on the Love meat blog is a Whelan Classic, no messing!  Pork steak with sweet potato chips and fried garlic mushrooms…. Prep time around 5mins. This is a relatively quick easy meal mid week that definitely isn’t lacking in any departments, whatever they may...

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